When the App uses a Webview to embed a WebRTC URL link, there is an error message

As title, we got a error message : “This platform is unsupported.”
Only the Webview is failed, external browser is fine.
It used to work before, but now it doesn’t.
We don’t know what is happening.
Our pexip version is ver30.

Hello, what is the app you are trying to show in the WebView? Is this a custom app? Is it written with PexRTC? NPM Packages? Something else?

Hi Sir,
This app is our custom app. We want to use the url like this, “https://jtgpexconf.jotangi.net/webapp/#/?callType=Video&conference=7277963455&name=test&join=1&media=1&pin=53758995” to embedded to our iOS app. Our iOS App use the WKWebView(webview) to the in-app browser.
(WKWebView | Apple Developer Documentation)


Hi Sir,
We have already resolved this issue.
Because the app needs to have camera and microphone permissions enabled in advance.
Anyway, thanks for your support.