React native support

Can someone suggest me how i can implement pexip infinity in react native ?

Hi, you have two options and the best fit will depend on your needs.

  • Mobile SDKs: We have SDKs for Android and iOS that you can use to create a native WebRTC application. In this case, you will need to implement the code in Kotlin for the Android app and in Swift for iOS.

  • WebView in TypeScript: If you want to have something fast an easy to implement, maybe a best approach could be to create a WebView. You can create a React app that will be embedded in your React Native app. You can use the React components that we have available for the web. The limitations will be the ones that any WebView has. For example, iOS will always ask for permission for accessing the camera and microphone.

You can find some information and tutorials here:

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Okay. so what if i want to implement pexip infinity in react native. how to implement in react native as i am implementing it in react native only.

I forgot another approach that you can follow and I think that it’s a better fit for what you want to achieve.

The idea is to use a React Native library for WebRTC, so you don’t have to worry about the native code. Then you have to use the internal Pexip API to establish the call and obtain the SDP that you need to establish the WebRTC call.

React Native WebRTC library: react-native-webrtc - npm
Pexip Infinity API library: @pexip/infinity-api - npm

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@marcos.cereijo Actually i have done the same as you are suggesting.
i have used the react-native-webrtc library but I am having trouble with the audio/video data.
I am able to connect with other participants but not receiving audio/video data.
can you help me with the code that i have implemented ?
react-native-webrtc doc is not that well written.

@mrRobot , I don’t have experience with that library, although it’s in my plans to learn how it works.

Are you able to send the media? A good idea is to try your application in one end and the Pexip Web App 3 in the other. This way you can detect easier if the problem is that you aren’t sending media or that you aren’t receiving it.

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