Video Kiosk (PexRTC Example)

Simple video kiosk that uses Pexip Infinity PexRTC API written in vanilla js\html\js.

Enables the video kiosk user to meet with a advisor via a dynamic QR code connecting to any Infinity connected meeting inclusing; Pexip Meeting, Teams CVI or Genesys Contact Center queue. The demonstration app uses a Pexip Infinity meeting.

Video Kiosk Demo GIF

Users are transferred via api user to the correct destiation and the kiosk returned at the completion of the call. The kiosk maintains an api state ensuring the idle device state is always known.

Runs on WebRTC browser (and Android webView) with no user controls other than a QR code for starting the meeting along with personal mobile in-call controls of microphone mute and end-call.

The main web app provides the kiosk function, whilst the campanion app provides mobile remote call-control.

Source code: GitHub - gregwalker-pexip/pexKiosk: Pexip WebRTC sample code for a browser based video kiosk