What's the best way to create Desktop app

Wanted to know what would be the best way to make a desktop apps if I dont want to use web [JS] sdks since I dont see any sdk for desktop specific.

Right now we have two alternatives to create a desktop app:

  • To use Electron to generate the desktop app using as source an application that uses PexRTC or the NPM packages. I know that this isn’t the approach that you are looking for, but this works for Windows, Mac an Linux. This approach is used by many companies since it allows to develop a single app that will work in many environments.

  • For Mac OS we also have the iOS & Mac SDK, so if you use Swift, you can develop a native application for Mac.

What’s your suggestion on using kotlin sdk for desktop development, since Compose multiple platform uses kotlin langauge. Do you think that will give more native look & feel and performance then Electron?

We have a Android SDK that uses Kotlin, but this SDK only targets Android. You cannot build a desktop app with that one.

If you are targeting several OS, I think that the best approach is to use Electron. You can use whatever web framework you like, but the recommendation is to use React. We have several media components that you can reuse, so the development will be faster.

You can check this tutorial: Introduction | Pexip Developer Portal