Tutorials and SDK references

In this section we can talk about the native SDKs for mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you are creating an application for a phone or a wearable. This is the point to talk about it.

If you are developing a hybrid application, probably you will feel more comfortable using our JavaScript library (PexRTC). This library is powerful and easy to use, however, if you want the best solution in terms of performance, we encourage you to use our native libraries.

Currently the tutorials are under active development. However, if you are a techie and want to have you hands dirty, we invite you to access our very first version in Mobile SDK tutorials.

Be aware that the tutorials are only available for Android at this moment. We are working in the iOS tutorials and they will be available as soon as possible.

Another thing interesting for you is the SDKs documentation. You can find the documentation for both SDKs in the following links: