VMR license for Pexip Infinity Self-Host

We have questions about licensing for Pexip’s VMR. Is it correct that the minimum purchase for Pexip VMR licenses is 500 VMRs? Is there any way to purchase only 10 or 15 VMR licenses? Alternatively, is there a way to configure the system so that even if we have 500 VMRs, it only allows customers to use 10 or 15 VMRs?

In my experience, a single license for the VMR provides a capacity to create up to 500 VMRs, and I have not been told that purchasing partial licenses was an option. You must first create a VMR in order to allow a customer to use it, so you can simply create 10-15 VMRs and no more than that. Customers would then be constrained to access one of those 10-15 VMRs by dialing the alias you provided that VMR.

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