How to get a free license?

In this link request developer license it says " The free licenses will only be supported by an online community forum." My question is that how can we request a free license in here in order to work with Pexip client REST API?
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Hi Kamil,
You will need to request a developer license using the link you mention.

The link also shows you where to download Pexip Infinity platform VM image.

You can deploy self-hosted Virtual Machines (VMs) on your own infrastructure (for example on-prem VMWare - or in your own tenant in a major Cloud provider). Details of how to do this are here: Pexip Infinity installation guidelines | Pexip Infinity Docs

A minimal deployment consists of a Management node VM - which you deploy first. You then use the license key, and subsequently deploy a conferencing node VM.

The conferencing node VM is the thing that exposes the Pexip Client REST API - so once you have deployed your conferencing node, and added suitable configuration, you’re good to start experimenting with the APIs.

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Hi Ben;

I’m dealing with a bit of a crunch in terms of computing power and storage capacity for the projected test. The demand for resources is higher than what I have expected. Unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to run the tests needed for the required system.

Thanks for your guidance and kind reply.

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