Meeting Assistant (PexRTC Example)

Sample PexRTC Client Meeting Assistant to control a Pexip meeting via a PexRTC API control user.

The example illustrates the power of the Pexip javascript client api and without middleware to manage a Pexip conference. The Pexip PexRTC javascript implementation is essentially a wrapper for the CLIENT REST API without the need to manage access token and timers.

Features include;

  • Start\Lock\Change Layout\Change Meeting Indicators\Dial-Out
  • View Participant Roster (searchable)
  • Mute\Admit\Disconnect\Spotlight\DTMF\Make Host\Change Display Name - per Participant
  • Layout Overrides\Order Spotlighted users (drag and drop /right click to remove)
  • Unsupported Breakout Rooms API (legacy) will be updated in Infinity V33 (tech-preview)

Provided as is in Javascript/HTML/CSS


  • api user must be a host of the conference
  • maximum limit of 10 concurrent api sessions can be used within a single conference
  • you must reference your own Pexip server specific pexrtc.js instance (platform version specific)

Reference: PexRTC JavaScript client API | Pexip Infinity Docs

Code example: GitHub - gregwalker-pexip/meetingAssistant: PexRTC Meeting Assitant


This is very useful. Using pexRTC to control the conference. It has every option you could think of. A great example of how one can use the API