Leveraging Routing Rules and OTJ to schedule a live stream to Youtube

Now lets get this community going :slight_smile:

So first out. Lets turn your video solution into a one click youtube encoder for live streaming.

Requirement: One-Touch Join license

Step 1: Set up a Processing Rule that will catch a booking in your calendar system.
The following one will catch any booking containing “rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2/[StreamKey]”
It will then transform it and push a SIP adress to the OTJ video system appending a “ytlive”-prefix which is how we in the next step will identify it in our routing rules.
It will also add a “.” and then the unique [StreamKey] that you got from scheduling the stream in YouTube, followed by @your.video.domain

Step 2: Set up a Call Routing Rule that will catch the “ytlive” prefix and turn the SIP call in to an outgoing RTMP stream.

Note 1: Should you lack a OTJ license, you can skip Step 1 and can manually call ytlive.StreamKey from your video system and the call routing rule will still kick in. On a Cisco system calling with SIP would by default append your own video domain to the call (I’m not sure if other brands do that).

Note 2: Should you lack a OTJ license, You could streamline this further using a macro on Cisco systems where you would just need to input the [StreamKey].

Note 3: This one is specifically set up for streaming to YouTube but works just as well with other providers like facebook, wowza or kaltura etc. As long as you edit the regex’s accordingly.