Customized start recording-forms?

ive made a “start recording” form by using pexips “example code” and i wonder if it’s possible to customize the “start recording” button, and shape of the form, etc? If so- how?

You can change the icon if you want. You have two options for this:

  • Predefined icon: You can use some predefined icons that we have created. You only have to define the name of the icon in a string.
  • Custom icon: It could be any <svg> in a string format. You can define two icons, the main icon and the hover.

Here is documentation: Visual Elements | Pexip Developer Portal
Here you can find the predefined icons: Plugin Gallery | Pexip Developer Portal

Concerning the styles of the form, it isn’t customizable. The reason is to preserve the same style as the rest of the application. However, an option that is available is the branding of the whole app with colors, texts and logos. You can find more information here: Customizing and branding the Connect apps | Pexip Infinity Docs