Plugin for Virtual Auditorium (VA) to change layout view for Host and Guest

How to create WebApp2 and WebApp3 plugins for change of Host and Guest View (Layout) for Virtual Auditorium. Ver 31.x
Any Sample code?

Hi Joseph,

You can change the layout easily for a Virtual Auditorium.

In Web App 2:

window.PEX.pluginAPI.transformConferenceLayout({host_layout: '25:0'})
window.PEX.pluginAPI.transformConferenceLayout({guest_layout: '1:0'})

In Web App 3:

plugin.conference.setLayout({transforms: {host_layout: '25:0'}})
plugin.conference.setLayout({transforms: {guest_layout: '1:0'}})

You have a list of all possibilities here: Pexip client REST API | Pexip Infinity Docs