Getting error - No service found, so meeting controls not available

Hi there, I just started to try this out. I followed the instructions here:

I’m getting the error “No service found, so meeting controls not available”.

Do you know how I can diagnose this?

Hello! Are you a customer of the Pexip Cloud Service or Pexip Self-Hosted? The link posted there relates to Pexip Cloud Service; if you are running into issues here then you’ll need to get in touch with Pexip Support.

If you are a partner or direct-support customer, please raise a case as described in this link.
Otherwise, get in touch with your local Pexip reseller partner who will help you and escalate to us as necessary.

If you are a Pexip Self-Hosted customer, then you need slightly different instructions, and these can be found summarised on this post: [Read First] Macros introduction

Thanks Alan - PwC is a Cloud Service customer.

Mariusz, can you help with opening a ticket with Pexip for this? I can fill you in on the details, but here is the forum post this refers to: